Monday, 27 February 2017

Week 6

Working in Layers:

Week 5-

Tone, Wet and Dry Media:

Week 4-

Subtractive Tone

Week 3


For these drawings I began to take into account the angle of the model and the proportion of each section of the body. Not focusing on the detail of the model and mainly trying to capture the angle and the right proportion of her body. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Week 2: Introduction into Life Drawing

No Rules: This being the first of my life drawings I found that drew the overall composition to be too small on the paper and slightly out of proportion. Although the overall detail and tone I found are very sharp and on point. This complimented the overall drawing.

Top Left: With this drawing, I found it very difficult to keep the figure in proportion. With the arm leant towards me I found that it was difficult to make it look more 3D on the page. As we can see I was unable to capture the 3D movement with the arms.

Bottom Left; Again, for this drawing, I found it very difficult to capture the proportion in the shape of the woman's body. As we can see in her legs I found it difficult to capture how her legs were crossed as well as the tone on the bottom leg as the other leg is crossed over the top. Although I am very happy again with the development of the various layers of tone and how I have started to give more shape to her body using tone by exaggerating various lines and creases on her body.

Top Right: Progressing slightly with the 3rd drawing I find that this one is a lot more in proportion in comparison to the other three drawings on the page. Although I find that this drawing is less expressive in tone, I also find that the simplicity of it gives more effect to it.

1-minute drawing: In this sketch I attempted to combine fine liner with charcoal, using the fine liner to quickly sketch the outline then toning the piece using charcoal.This piece could have been improved in proportions and detail to shape focusing on the hands instead of focusing too much on one general area and leaving little time for other parts of the body. This would have been a more technique for me to use considering the time I had.

10 Minutes: With this drawing I started to expand on the use of line in how I showed the different layers of tone, I believe this worked really well in expressing the messy style i had begun to use within the toning of the image.

45 Minutes:  In the last drawing for this session I started to blend in the tone to create more of a 3D effect with how the body is positioned. I think this could have worked better if I had made the back leg darker and made the front legg a lot lighter showing the contrast in light and dark in the image.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Using my left hand to draw I believe this went considerably well considering I was using my weaker hand, as can be seen in the messy lines I found it again difficult to capture the detail without using a lot of a tone and lines within my drawing.
Drawing with both hands within 5 minutes, this being a lot messier with the line work I still found that using a pen for this made it more unique in style and made it look more bold, despite the fact that some of the features were slightly off from using both hands to draw.